2015/2016 Finalists

Angiio is developing a novel sutureless device to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with open vascular procedures. Current solutions require hand sewing grafts to vessels and are regularly complicated by leakage from suture holes as well as decreased oxygenation to the brain, kidneys, and bowels due to prolonged surgical times. To address this unmet clinical need, Angiio’s sutureless anastomotic device, Vesicon, can deliver superior outcomes via increased integrity of the anastomosis and decreased operative time providing a safer alternative to current treatments.
Founders: J.C. Lopez, Alex Sotolongo

Shock Analytics
Shock Analytics is an early stage biomedical device firm focused on the development of smarter technologies for diagnosis and management of critical and chronic illnesses. Our initial focus is on a non-invasive device to estimate systemic vascular resistance (SVR). Development of this fifth vital sign can transform the diagnosis of shock. This may have profound implications on the late diagnosis or misdiagnosis of septic shock and the treatment of heart failure. These are the two most expensive illnesses in modern medicine that claim millions of lives globally per year. Better diagnosis and ability to track hemodynamics in a simple way that is easy to interpret and actionable can transform care and costs of these disease states.
Founders: Jennifer Monti MD MPH, Veena Krish, Sarah Nims

SonoSolve aims to eliminate catheter-associated complications using a novel non-invasive method to clear obstructions and biofilms within catheters. Catheters are used widely in medicine, but can become colonized with biofilm or obstructed with clots, increasing the likelihood of infection, repeat surgical procedures, longer hospital stays and other outcomes associated with reduced quality of life and increased healthcare expenditure. Current technologies lack adaptability with current standards of care, which have prevented large scale clinical adoption. To address these issues, SonoSolve is developing an adaptable, easy to use, hand-held device external to the patient and tube system that uses ultrasonication technology to clear clots and prevent biofilm formulation in externally-draining catheters.
Founders: Jayesh Thawani MD, Jared Pisapia MD, Hongjie Matt Zhu PhD, Andrew Tsourkas PhD,  Sean Grady MD